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The Harvest Moon Litter

Sunshine & Peaches’ Harvest Moon Litter of 9 was born on September 6, 2021. We welcomed four males and five females. This litter is AKC Registered #SS288607.

Newborn Jax
Jax at 5 Weeks
Jax 2023
Newborn Asher
Asher at 9 Weeks
Asher at 9 Weeks
Newborn Leia
Leia at 5 Weeks
Leia at 5 Weeks
Leia 2022
Newborn Pheobe
Phoebe at 5 Weeks
Phoebe at 5 Weeks
Newborn Daisy
Daisy at 5 Weeks
Daisy 2023
Newborn Bailey
Newborn Hoagie
Hoagie at 9 Weeks
Newborn Casper
Casper at 3 months
Casper 2023
Newborn Magnolia