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AI Stud Service

About Our Stud Service

Is it time for Band Camp? I don’t exactly know why they call this Band Camp because if you sent your daughter you sure wouldn’t want her to come home pregnant. But if she is your Golden Girl, you DO want her to come home pregnant! While it’s not exactly a spa for Golden Girls, we do provide home-cooked meals (well, at least the best puppy chow and prenatal vitamins), a fresh bed, and a private suite (our motorhome) for her and Agent Sunshine. Stud Service includes 6 days of pampering, 3 artificial inseminations, and the same loving that we give our own. We also can provide exercise and maybe even a run on the beach, if you approve.

Golden Girl Preparation

So you’ve decided you’d like to breed your beautiful Golden Retriever. This is a serious decision on your part and there are many things you may not have considered, other than it would be nice to have a litter of puppies. First of all, consider the fact that you do not want to pass on genetic diseases or health risks to those offspring. The breeding age for Goldens is considered two years. At the age of two, your breeding dog can be tested for hips, eyes, and heart. You will also want to do DNA genetic testing for common diseases of the breed. The results of these tests are sent to OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) for certification. We require that your dog receives a CHIC certification to participate in our breeding program. We are members of the Golden Retriever Club of America and adhere to all their recommendations for breeding. In addition, prior to breeding, we recommend your girl be thoroughly checked out by your veterinarian to make sure she is in optimal health for breeding. This includes updates on all her vaccinations, including kennel cough. Breeding females coming into our home should be brucellosis-negative on PCR within 30 days of the breeding and arrive with the test results – otherwise, we don’t breed! So in summary, we require AKC and Chic#, proof of vaccinations, and brucellosis-negative on PCR prior to insemination. We only do AI because this is the safest and most expedient method for us.


We charge the price we are currently charging for our puppies or pick of the litter if we are in the market for a pup. We require a non-refundable deposit of $500 for our Service, the remaining payment is due at pregnancy confirmation or whelping. If there is no pregnancy, we will do a retry next season. We will work with you on the right timing and provide breeding support throughout the pregnancy and weaning. Stud Service is contract-based.

Semen Collection and Artifical Insemination

Not needing to use our Stud? For your Sire and Dam, we charge $350 for the first collection and insemination, $250 for each subsequent session. Boarding is not included. We will board for $100 a day. This process requires that you bring your dogs to us for the process which takes a couple of hours each time. You can either plan a vacation here in Ocean Shores or make the trip each time. We recommend two to three inseminations a day apart. We work with you on the best timing. We also travel to you in our motorhome for an additional mileage fee. We would park at your home in your driveway or street and require electrical hookup during the stay. We provide a clinical sanitary process in a homey environment for your dogs. We do not provide refunds on services performed, but we will offer a one-time free repeat service for each failed purchased session the following season, excluding travel expenses or boarding fees. Semen collection and AI Service is contract-based.