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About Sundancin’ Goldens

Our First Golden Retrievers

Sundancin’ Goldens had its humble beginnings in Gresham, Oregon in 2005 when we adopted our first Golden Retriever. Abby was a beautiful Golden with the sweetest disposition and Champion lineage from her sire, Reggie. We wanted to breed her, so we looked for a sturdy male for her and chose Strider from Anderson Goldens in Oregon City, Oregon.


Agent Sunshine 

Our next Golden is Agent Sunshine (sire Strider and dam Abby). Sunshine is our therapy baby. We had intended on selling him but fell in love with him. His first touch was from my hands and he spent his puppyhood growing up at my side and at my feet. Sunny has an uncanny sense of providing love at needed times. We took him to hospitals and care homes as a young dog, visiting patients to cheer them up. He’s always been a lover and readily offered it to those he visited.

After retirement, we moved to Ocean Shores, Washington. When our Bearded Collie, Roxy got sick with cancer, Sunshine was by her side always comforting her until the end. We knew he would need a new companion when Roxy was gone, so we stepped up our search for a mate for him.

We were interested in English Cremes. English Goldens have longer lifespans, lower cancer rates, and shed less than their American-bred counterparts. Coat color can range from very light golden to a creamy white. English Creams have a lovely big head, lower set ears, larger eyes, and deeper chests – they also have a stockier build and a more powerful, athletic look. We found Peaches from Finch Creek Goldens in Matlock, Washington. Her sire, Blizzard is from the famous Dewmist line so we knew we were getting a great breeding dog.


Sundancin’ Dewmist Peaches ‘n Creme

Peaches is a hugger with lots of energy and great physical stamina and health. She loves to run on the beach and when weather permits gets a daily run. We call her “Surfer Girl” because her run isn’t complete until she’s hit the waves. She is especially affectionate and when she greets people, wraps her paws and arms around the waist, laying her head against the chest, always gently.

Of course, both our Goldens are AKC registered – Agent Sunshine (our Stud) and Sundancin’ Dewmist Peaches ‘n Creme. We are very excited to announce their first litter of puppies was born January 14, 2021, on Sunshine’s 6th Birthday! Our next litter is due September 6, 2021.