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Peaches and Sunshine

Our Breeding Pair July 2021

Peaches "Our Surfer Girl"

Our girl loves the ocean. She jumps and frolics in the waves, then enjoys a good roll in the sand. June 2021

Sunshine, Peaches with puppies

Sunshine watching over Peaches and her litter in February 2021.

Puppie's First Outdoor Adventure

Winter Bliss litter and Mom enjoying the sunshine on the front porch

Strider (Sunshine's Sire)

The hunting instincts are in motion.

Abby and Sunshine

Abby (Sunshine's Dame) and Sunshine in April 2014

Agent Sunshine

Sunning on the deck June 2020.

Sundancin' Strider

Sunshine's Sire in January 2014

Sunshine and Puppy Peaches

Play on the back porch deck in March 2020.

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